24 000 Consumers Avoid Auto Repossession and Get a Second Chance

24,000 Consumers Prevent Auto Repossession and Get Another Chance

Avert Repo assisted 24,000 customers facing auto repossession keep their automobiles. We’ve prevented more than 24,000 repossessions in the last 6 weeksThe auto industry is experiencing improved repossessions and a Few consumers are coming back their automobiles, that is a lose-lose situationShould you need help keeping Your Automobile, ask your Financial Institution concerning the Avert support

Windham, NH March 12, 2009 — Stephens & Michaels’ Avert Repo department is helping clients facing auto repossession keep their cars. Avert functions with consumers and their creditors (banks, financial institutions and credit unions) to get customers back in good position and prevent repossession.

Avert is helping clients keep their cars

“We’ve prevented more than 24,000 repossessions in the previous 6 months,” says Dan Pellegrini, President of Avert. In 2008, auto repossession attained a 10-year high of 3.6 per cent, rising 12 percent over 2007. Participants are projecting at minimum a 10% increase once more in 2009, which could bring auto repossessions to over 2 million.

Many fiscal Institutions have implemented the Avert application in 2008, also Avert expects to reach the majority of the automobile finance sector by 4th quarter 2009.

“The automobile market is experiencing increased repossessions and a few customers are returning their automobiles, which can be a win-win situation,” states Dan. Employing the Avert app provides choices for customers to keep their vehicles. Ordinarily, most repossessions result in a deficiency, which is the balance owed after the vehicle is sold at auction. When there’s a deficiency balance on the loan following the sale of the vehicle, the customer is held accountable, and is accountable for the equilibrium. Avert helps to keep this from happening by giving consumers choices to get back on track with their accounts.

Consumers may visit AvoidRepossession.com to get educational information regarding their rights and find out more about applications to assist them keep their own vehicles. “If you require help retaining your car or truck, ask your Financial Institution concerning the Avert service,” advises Dan.