Free Webinar on Using Contemporary Construction Software to Obtain Key Metrics for Project Success

In a competitive environment there is absolutely no question that building firms can be given a needed advantage by the ability to measure and forecast results – this is called business intelligence. A construction project that is forecasted based on well-documented data ensures maximum profitability and provides contractors with all the information essential to produce a much better customer experience. Business intelligence (BI) has the power to transform a company’s performance.

In this Webinar, contractors are going to learn a contemporary building software technology can help handle the complex needs of the construction industry. Particular BI from the perspectives of people, process and technology, with an emphasis on how and why it’s becoming more important for contractors of all types and sizes in the construction industry. This event will be presented by Wayne Newitts, marketing director at Dexter + Chaney.

Having a building business involves a great deal of work, Building Business Owner site and magazine provides easily applicable and practical basic construction company management tips that business owners must use to become successful. This webinar is a part of Building Business Owner’s continuing efforts to arm construction company owners with guidance and useful control tips.

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