Aeros Smokeless Cigarettes – Is This The Long Awaited Safe Cigarette?

The Aeros Smokeless Cigarette has been available for sale for about a year by direct purchase in the Woodleaf Corp. As lawmakers have limited most methods of marketing tobacco products, hardly any men and women know about this web site. People that have happened upon the web site purchase the product either to substitute their use of all tobacco products or to use.”It’s ironic.” Said company president Richard Horian.

“The exact laws that were put in place to assist individuals by preventing mass advertising of tobacco products also have prevented this new science from becoming widely known to customers and lawmakers. TheyDon`t understand that Aeros tastes and delivers satisfaction such as other tobacco products but delivers none of the smoke, tar or carcinogens.”The Woodleaf Corp. of Newport Beach, CA is a small R&D company that does not have the means to conduct the essential clinical research testing to make any formal health claims concerning the technology. Outside testing by health care or authorities institutions is encouraged by the company.”I can only formally state that the product has been tested by an independent lab using the FTC Method evaluations and that people regularly reorder the product to use instead of other tobacco products and have written to say how much they enjoy Aeros,” he explained.

The FTC Method test published in the company website reports that Aeros have no TPM (total particulate matter), no tar and no carbon dioxide from the inhaled air stream. The technologies work to taste like and deliver exactly the exact same pride as an ignitable cigarette is used by the Aeros Smokeless Cigarette that is newest. The difference is that it does not deliver a number of the components included by means of cigarettes or chewing tobacco. This fresh “vapor transfer” science is accomplished by putting fresh, moist tobacco in an impermeable sealed vinyl tube. Nicotine and organic tobacco flavors are introduced in vapor form, when the endings dismisses. The vapor molecules do not select up.