Children, War and Terrorism

Between 1945 and 1992, there have been over 149 major wars, with more then 23 million casualties. Children have, of course been caught up in war and they usually have very little alternative but to experience the same ordeal as their parents, at minimum- as combatants or even casualties. The risks for kids have increased significantly recently. It is, during the last decade that more than two million children are murdered; 4-5 million have been handicapped, 12 million, and over 1 million orphaned or separated from their parents.

A study has estimated that one out of three kids who reside in war zones might be vulnerable to develop some kind of PTSD, psychopathological symptoms, and reduced psychosocial functioning levels throughout their lifetime, which points into the violent and volatile environment they live in. Among those kids vulnerable to war-related stressors for an extended interval, it’s usually estimated that the incidence of posttraumatic stress symptomatology varies from 10 to 90 percent, attested by anxiety disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric morbidities such as depression, disruptive behaviors, and somatic symptoms.

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