Regulating Sex Toys In Canada A CBC Radio 1 Interview With Online Sex Shop

CBC Radio 1 “Safe Sex Toys” special edition featured an interview with the Montreal-based online sex shop, Hot G Vibe. The interview’s intention was to check whether or not Canadian sex toy makers and MP Carolyn Bennett’s aim of regulating the package and labels of toys would agree.

The higher awareness of public discourses surrounding “Going Green” in North American cities is leading to advanced propositions for more environmental and health regulations.
In Canadian politics, such issues have become a grave concern for the Liberal party, especially for celebration member Carolyn Bennett. Being a physician herself, Bennett focuses a good deal of her attention.

In one of her most recent letters to the Ministry of Health, Bennett suggested a law to implement a certified inspection tag on the packaging of sex toys being sold.

“People are becoming more aware of what they’re consuming, so giving them more value in what they’re buying is what really counts,” confirms Sacha Shein, Public Relations Director for Hot G Vibe, “We strongly advocate toy users to buy sex toys responsibly and to be more aware of what is safe and what isn’t. Because there are no label regulations on the packages, companies can get away with putting anything they want on them”.