Burning pain and itching governed by same nerve cells

All of us know when we have an itch, how difficult it’s not to scrape. In a new study published in the journal Neuron, researchers at Uppsala University current the astonishing finding that the nerve cells that are active when we encounter heat discomfort are also connected with itching.

You will find afflictions and illnesses that entail might be extremely troublesome for anyone suffering from it and increased itch. Nowadays the mechanisms behind itchiness aren’t well understood. For starters, what is it about scratching at that alleviates itching?

In the present study, that has been performed on mice, the nerve cells that transfer heat discomfort were analyzed by the the investigation group headed by Professor Klas Kullander in the Division of Neuroscience. When these nerve cells had lost its capacity to signal, the mice reacted less to warm, not surprisingly, but surprisingly they also started to itch incessantly.

“These findings hyperlink together pain from a burn up with modulating sensitivity to itchiness, that was exceptionally surprising and interesting,” claims Klas Kullander.