Scientists ID Bacterial Genes that Improve Plant Growth

You may think bacteria that “invade” trees are there to cause certain destruction. But like the helpful bacteria that dwell within our intestines, some microbes help plants thrive. Their studies identified a wide range of genes that help clarify this success story that was symbiotic. The job could move the strategy of using bacteria as development-promoting agents one step closer to implementation for biofuel production and improved agriculture.

“ feed and To fuel the planet for the long run, we need approaches that are new said Brookhaven scientist the study’s lead writer, Safiyh Taghavi. “ Biofuels are an attractive alternative energy source, but many biofuel feedstock crops come in direct competition with food crops for agricultural resources for example water, land, and fertilizers. Our research is on the lookout for methods to boost the growth of biofuel feedstock plants that cannot be employed for food production. What we learn might even be put to utilize to boost the productivity of food crops she included.