On the hunt for universal intelligence

We have developed a ‘anytime’ intelligence evaluation, in other words a test which can be interrupted at any moment, but that gives a more precise idea of the intelligence of this test subject if there’s a longer period available in which to take it out”, Josй Hernбndez-Orallo, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), tells SINC.This is just one of the intelligence test that is worldwide. “The others are that it can be applied to any topic — whether or not not — in any point in its growth (adult or child, for example), for almost any system now or in the long run, and with almost any degree of intellect or rate”, points outside Hernбndez-Orallo.The researcher, along with his colleague David L. Dowe of the Monash University, Clayton (Australia), have indicated the use of computational and mathematical concepts to be able to encompass all these ailments. The study was published in the journal Artificial Intelligence and forms a part of this “Anytime Universal Intelligence” project, in which other scientists from the UPV and the Complutense University of Madrid are participating in.