Busy Women Get Onboard To Fulfill Their New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight, Burn Fat And Get Fit At Texas’ First Ebook Signing

Author and fitness pro Tam Thompson will host Texas’ first ebook registering of “Busy Sexy Body” at the Blanco Public Library on Saturday, January 3rd from 2 to 4pm Central time. This special system is designed to help girls get fit, lose weight, and become fitter if they’re too busy to go to the gym. ┬áIn the heart of the #1 US tourist destination–the scenic Texas Hill Country–author and fitness expert Tam Thompson will host Texas’ first ebook signing of “Busy Sexy Body” at the Blanco Public Library on Saturday, January 3rd from 2 to 4pm Central time.Will this ebook signing work?”People will stop by the library, get onto the computers, and purchase ‘Busy Sexy Body–How YOU may have a slimhot body in just 17 minutes a day, even if you think you’re too busy!’ Then I will autograph a printed full-color cover and answer any queries,” says Tam Thompson, B.S. and M.Ed. In former proprietor of Thompson Fitness Training and Kinesiology.

Who is Tam Thompson?

  • She had been a runner for 27 years, including a college course career and marathons such as Houston and Pike’s Peak…until a whole Knee Replacement at age 48 compelled her to quit running and broke her heart.
  • She is presently competing in whitewater kayaking (whitewater slalom racing and kayak polo) and has been about the National Champion Team and the US National Team at Women’s Kayak Polo in 2007.
  • She has been a professional author for 6.5 decades and has ghostwritten hottest books and ebooks…and she is a real woman who’s endured, battled and triumphed over actual struggles like weight loss, depression, chronic pain, home fitness and healthful fitness.

“Busy Sexy Body” is much more than just a fitness system with an ebook, three bonus gifts and also the opportunity to win one of ten free Carnival Cruises aboard a “fun ship” into the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Mexico…it is a lifestyle solution for active women who want to be sexy.

That’s why Thompson says she’s launching not only this ebook, “Busy Sexy Woman“, but a whole line of lifestyle advice and products. In the current busy, overscheduled surroundings, the majority of individuals do not have enough time to drive into a gym and back to work out, therefore Thompson brings the gym and the system to her readers with an available, affordable system that they could use in your home, at work or on the road. “I believe ‘Busy Sexy Body’ is on course to become the next “Body For Life”, or “Burn The Fat” or even better,” says Thompson, and adds, “I wrote it to help busy girls. To add in some fun, because I am big on fun, I gave the apps fashion-friendly names like ‘The Lavender Program’, ‘ ‘The Sage Program,’ and ‘The Denim Program.”