Babelgum and Good Announce Global Brainstorm To Save the World

Video Articles Platform Babelgum and Good Magazine Ask Visitors to Submit Innovative World-Beating ideas. GOOD Magazine has emerged as the dominant platform for featuring companies the people, and companies driving change on earth. And Big Ideas is an innovative and engaging extension of this objective by challenging everyone to to assume their own solutions to our ecological problems. We’re excited to work with Babelgum in generating and releasing Big Suggestions as they’re an excellent platform for our video articles and have demonstrated their passion for environmental issues with their Our Planet channel. The articles identified on GOOD are perfectly aligned with Babelgums library of irreverent, cutting-edge and thought-provoking programmes.

Viewers are invited to submit their own zealous and creative some ideas to assist the planet at from now until August 2 5, 2009; the more imaginative idea, the better. GOOD and Babelgum may then select the many innovative sub-mission to feature in the ultimate bout of of Big Tips, debuting September 2-3, 2009. The winner will also be showcased on, in EXCELLENT Magazines Drop 2009 problem, and will curate Babelgums Our World channel ( in Oct.

This headline furthermore signifies the start of the Huge Ideas authentic and distinctive weekly series, available to day at or at Innovators including Grammy-selected performer Imogen Pile, ESPN serves the Sklar siblings, and author and journalist Matt Mason all posted their own suggestions, varying in the ethereal (suspended homes), to the irreverent and edgy (offer animals their own weapons to even the odds), to those actually being created today (city vertical farms).