Back to School with – Leveraging Web 2.0 on the New Frontier of Elementary Education

Throw 3d printing education, work books and your flash cards away! is a radical approach to elementary education (K6) that leverages interactive technologies to advertise spelling efficacy, vocabulary building, math fact mastery and wide-ranging knowledge of the 50 US States via multimedia reward and independent learning.

Accentuating self-paced learning and also the reinforcement of core elementary subject matter to mastery, offers a new educational harbor for young students K-6. “We firmly believe that ordered learning – regular – coupled with interactive fun, is a successful combination that stimulates higher levels and more joyful kids,” says Debra Marcionette, Founder and President of Synergy1 Group.

At the epicenter of a swiftly growing community comprising high achieving young students who care about great grades. These pupils love such elearning programs as BigVocabTime, BigMathTime, BigStatesTime and the award winning SpellingTime. Each of these applications, and more, can now be located at where Synergy1 Group is offering a small “Back to School Bundle” alternative for individual students providing a significantly discounted 1 year subscription to all their plans.

Fundamental to a young student’s future academic success is early mastery of core concepts resulting in high test scores and greater self confidence. Results and completed lessons are e-mailed to parents and teachers instantly. Moreover, each application supplies report features trailing a students’ progress and issue areas.

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